Stubby Bullet Antenna

  • Stubby Bullet Antenna
  • Stubby Bullet Antenna

Stubby Bullet Antenna

$35.00 (as of January 21, 2020, 10:02 pm)


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Stubby Bullet Antenna

No more worrying about your OEM Antenna breaking off in the car wash or garage. The Stubby Bullet Antenna is designed to look like .50 cal ammunition. Yes, we made it actual size! At just over 5″ tall, it’s built from billet 6061 aluminum, then anodized so it won’t chip fade or peel. This rigid antenna replacement will not affect any satellite services such as On-Star GPS or Sirius Radio. To install simply unscrew your original antenna and screw in The Stubby. It’s that simple!

The Stubby Bullet Antenna for Jeep Grand Cherokee will fit any Grand Cherokee made in 1999-2010.
The reception on The Stubby is GUARANTEED, our contact info will be on the quality card in the box, contact us directly if a return is necessary.
✔ IMPROVE THE LOOK OF YOUR JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE: The Bullet Style Stubby antenna replacement fits any Jeep Grand Cherokee (1999-2010). The Bullet Stubby is designed to match the factory base perfectly so it looks as good as the stock antenna on your car
✔ INSTALL IN SECONDS: You won’t need any tools. The Bullet Style Stubby is easy to install by hand in a matter of seconds
✔ MADE IN USA: Each Bullet Style Stubby is made here in the US of A. They are machined and anodized in good ol’ Portland, OR. Even the boxes are made here!
✔ BUILT TO LAST FOREVER: The Stubby Bullet Antenna is All Metal. Machined out of billet aluminum & then anodized with a durable, smooth black finish that will not fade break or chip. Stainless hardware eliminates corrosion
✔ RECEPTION IS KEY: If you are curious about reception; read the reviews. Although some folks have had trouble, it is actually really uncommon. If you are not completely satisfied with your Stubby, we make return super simple


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