10 Awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications

26 Nov
10 Awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications

10 Awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications

Get ready to discover 10 Awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications for the KL. It’s not only Jeep Wrangler and XJ owners that get to have fun modifying their rigs! Jeep Cherokee KL owners can also get into the fun! Maybe KL owners aren’t as well known for modifying their rigs into off-road machine, but with a few upgrades they can turn their Cherokee into a high performance vehicle. Unfortunately, the fact remains that most KL Cherokees remain stock with their owners completely unaware of all of the fun they could be having modifying their Jeep! Hopefully this list will pull some KL owners over to the dark side and have them customizing their Cherokees with some great mods. We put together a list of 10 awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications that are excellent choices for any KL owner.

10 Awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications

10 awesome Jeep Cherokee KL Modifications

Add a Lift Kit

You don’t have to go crazy by adding an eight inch lift. Something simple that gives your Cherokee a little more clearance, a better stance, and allows for bigger tires is an excellent choice. Whether you enjoy off-roading or not a good lift kit will offer you a much better ride and a more aggressive look. A high quality option is this Jeep Cherokee KL lift kit.


10 awesome jeep kl mods

Install Rock Guards

Not only will you get added protection when installing rock guards, but they make it easier to get in and out of your Cherokee too. They are a must have when off the beaten path otherwise you could end up with expensive body damage by the time your off-road trip is over. A solid choice of side steps is this pair of Jeep Cherokee KL rock guards.


10 cool jeep cherokee kl mods

Buy a Roof Rack

You can never have enough space so adding a roof rack to your KL is a smart choice. It’s a great way to store more gear while traveling or away on an extended trip. They are simple to install, easy to use, and are lockable so you can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safely stored. Our top choice is this Jeep Cherokee KL roof rack.


10 best mods for jeep cherokee kl

Switch to LED Tail Lights

Brighten up your rear end with a set of high quality LED lights. Most of the time the focus is on obtaining better visibility in front of you, but better lighting behind you is almost as important. Other drivers will certainly have an easier time seeing you which will keep you safe from being rear ended and you’ll also have an easier time backing up or using a rear view camera by upgrading your lighting. A very good selection is this set of Jeep Cherokee KL LED tail lights.


10 top Jeep KL modifications

Tune Up with a Performance Chip

Jeep builds just a few engines and differentiates the power output via the ECU (Engine Control Unit), same hardware, different software. Performance chip manufacturers are experts in car tuning software and by adding a chip you can sometimes gain 20% or more horsepower and up to 30% or better gas mileage. This Jeep Cherokee KL performance chip is an awesome choice.


10 awesome kl jeep mods
Equip Drilled & Slotted Rotors

Up your braking performance with a set of drilled and slotted rotors for your Jeep Cherokee KL. The drilled holes allow for better cooling and the slots easily sweep away gas and dust from your brakes. They give you a much longer life then the OEM rotors and an impressive upgrade in stopping ability. This set of Drilled/Slotted Jeep Cherokee KL rotors is a stylish and high quality choice.


10 cool jeep kl cherokee modifications

Protect your Front End with a Bull Guard

The front end is probably the most likely spot to sustain damage when in an accident. It’s also the spot that protects the most valuable part of the Cherokee, the engine. Even minor accidents like hitting a deer can be a huge expense to get fixed without some type of front end protection. This Jeep Cherokee JL brush guard is one of the best choices and even has a built in skid plate.


10 superb jeep kl modifications

Perform Better by Adding a New Exhaust System

The stock exhaust is constructed to serve a purpose in as an inexpensive way as possible. Which means by replacing the OEM exhaust system you will enjoy a smooth, deep tone while gaining a lot more power, horsepower, and torque. They are surprisingly easy to install and will have you turning off your radio just to listen to the deep, throaty sound effects. Magnaflow is one of the leading manufacturers of performance exhaust kits and this Jeep KL exhaust system by them is a solid choice for your Cherokee.


10 Super KL Cherokee Mods

Benefit from a Towing Package

If your Cherokee came with the towing package then this isn’t an upgrade you’ll need, but if it didn’t then this is a great modification. Adding a towing kit has a lot of benefits with the main one being that you can now tow equipment, trailers, or even a camper behind your Jeep. This Jeep Cherokee KL towing package is a welcome addition to your KL.


10 of the coolest kl jeep mods

Personalize your Jeep with Decals

Technically decals probably aren’t considered modifications, but it’s one of the best ways to set your Cherokee apart from the rest. Jeep decals allow you to personalize your KL and make it your own. Adding window stickers, fender decals, or hood blackouts can really bring out the personal style of you and your Cherokee. This American Flag hood blackout decal is a super stylish upgrade.

10 awesome Jeep Cherokee Modifications

Hopefully this list gives you a great starting point when it comes to bringing out the best from your Jeep KL. Some of these modifications will upgrade the performance, others will add more functionality, and the rest will help customize it to match your personality. For more modification options visit our Jeep Cherokee KL shop.


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